Final Assignment

The Rainier Project

The Rainier Project is a current working documentary film piece connecting climate change and its affect on the Pacific Northwest's most famous mountain to the backcountry ski culture built around her slopes. Featuring the old and the young, the new and the experienced, skiers share their personal adventures on the Cascade range's highest peak, and their firsthand observations of how the mountain has changed over time. 

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Intimate Moment Assignment 2



18/20 times the process is the same.  


Fiddle with hot and cold knobs. Forget which way is off and on. Make shower too cold. Then too hot.  


Maybe catch your own eye in the mirror, your face already out of focus in the foggy reflection. 

Step in, breathe out. 

Who said we were land animals? The water feels so good.  

Clean, scrub, rinse, pluck, brush. 

Maybe sing. Maybe cry. 

Maybe sit or stand or lie curled up at the bottom of it all. 

18/20 times there are no witnesses. 

You are alone with yourself. With your body. With your thoughts. 

18/20 times, there is freedom in the way we care for ourselves here. This soap smells like vanilla bean and makes me feel beautiful. 

Which let me tell you is rare when you’ve been trained to judge all your curves and edges. Here is everything that is imperfect about me, right down to how I can’t stand that way in front of you if I want you to think I’m pretty.  

Let me start over. 

Give me this moment, where 18/20 minutes I can’t hear anyone’s voice but my own.  

Hi, you.  

Right now, I won’t suck my stomach in. I’m naked, but I don’t need to smile cute or worry about how my arms look when they’re pressed against my sides. I can wash my legs with my own two hands, and think: damn. I am so strong. With these legs, I can run so far. I can climb so high.  

18/20 times, I’m just here because everyone needs to wash their armpits, and it’s much easier to brush your hair when the conditioner is still in it. Also, I should probably replace my razor head, and I’m almost out of shampoo.