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Projects are mostly documentary work, with the intention of connecting people, place, and story.

Sometimes they're just the motion picture of some of life's biggest little adventures. 


I'm grateful to have friends all over the world, but one of the best out there built her life in the collective craziness of America's cultural hub. In March, I was lucky enough to make it out there to visit this gorgeous girl and our pint-sized partner in crime who flew out from Germany for the reunion. 

March 2018

Music is I Don't Think So by Ben Phipps

Ben's music:

The Mountains Were Calling

The Mountains Were Calling is a collection of my favorite moments from a road trip to Banff National Park with one of my very favorite humans, soaking up the last scraps of summer. 

August 2017

Music is Afterglow by Asgeir // // //


The Rainier Project is a short documentary film piece connecting climate change and its affect on the Pacific Northwest's most famous mountain to the backcountry ski culture built around her slopes. Featuring the stories of those such as Brent Okita, who holds over 500 summits of Rainier and Jason Hummel, renowned Pacific Northwest alpine photographer, skiers share their personal adventures on the Cascade range's highest peak and their firsthand observations of how the mountain has changed over time.